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Who Uses Dr. Numb® Numbing Cream?

Dr. Numb® For
Health Care Professionals

One specific area in healthcare practice is managing dermal pain. It is a significant factor in reducing the trauma of hospitalization or other forms of receiving treatment as seen in children and adults with low pain threshold. In order to perform procedures that involve needles and make it less stressful to patients who are already exposed to depersonalizing and stressful hospital atmosphere, even more so troubled by their medical conditions, topical anesthetic cream should be applied on the skin. The most common procedures performed in hospitals in which Dr. Numb® can be used are for cannulation,drug administration, immunization, skin test injection, lumbar puncture, catheterization, surgical stitches, biopsy, dermal curettage.

Dr. Numb® For

Confidence exudes from one’s personality when people feel good about themselves, physically or psychologically. Both men and women spend a great deal of effort to correct their skin imperfections and counter drastic skin aging to present themselves better. Improving one’s image is like an attainable spin on rags to riches wherein hidden beauty is discovered, revealed and rewarded. However, people have different beauty standards that could go from doing dermal procedures involving needles and extremely going as far as submitting to surgeries to achieve the desired transformation. As the old adage goes, “Beauty is pain” but is it worth it?

Dr. Numb® For
Tattoo Artists and Piercers

Dr. Numb® has established a significant role in the celebration of Skin Artistry at its best. It is a great addition to the skill, techniques and artistic eye of the tattoo artists and piercers. While it is true that there are still conservative or traditional tattoo artists and piercers who would prefer their clients to take on the needles without any help from anesthetic creams, Body arts have become mainstream that these are no longer exclusive to very few enthusiasts. People see it as an artistic freedom of expression but there is also the simple fact that they would opt in to avoid pain if they were given the option.



If you too are likely to undergo any painful procedure, it is advisable that you give Dr. Numb numbing cream a chance. Before ordering you can clarify all your doubts by calling us at 612.8103.4101 (No long distance charges for AU customers) or write to us at

We Manufacture Dr. Numb In A State of the Art Manufacturing Plant

We operate within facilities that total 180,000 square feet, including a newly-completed 140,000 square foot state-of-the-art topical liquid and semi-solid facility. We have an array of dedicated and segregated batching suites, filling lines and kitting bays, all operating under controlled HVAC conditions. Our facility is fully zoned to ensure that people, air and material flows prevent contamination to our products. Our business continuity approach is designed to protect your brand, and includes a robust preventative maintenance program, fire prevention systems, IT redundancy and off-site backup, UPS and backup power generation for critical systems and site security with badge access to controlled areas.
Dr. Numb Topical Numbing Cream Manufacturing Facility

Why Dr. Numb?

Dr. Numb® is one of the most highly sold numbing cream brands the world over. There are many aspects of the cream that make it the best, some of these are:

  1. Dr. Numb® numbing cream is an all herbal formula that contains lidocaine, a substance that has been used as an anesthetic by dental and other medical departments for many years now. The brand uses only permitted amount of lidocaine, specified by the Food and Drug Administration.
  2. Dr. Numb® uses the purest form of lidocaine, which is particularly good for the skin. It can be used on the most sensitive areas of the skin including the bikini line.
  3. Dr. Numb® uses one of the strongest numbing formulas, and yet is safe for use by anyone, and can be purchased without any medical prescription.
  4. Dr. Numb® is registered in Health Canada. It is also trademarked by the United States Patent and trademark office, which is assurance enough for its quality and safety.